ABOUT The Talent Mill

Retail and fashion recruitment is a flooded market — everywhere you look, there are new agencies, new recruiters, new opinions and new innovation. Whether you’re a jobseeker or a small to medium sized company, it can be overwhelming, not to mention intensely competitive. 



As an internal and agency fashion & retail HR & Recruitment Specialist I know it can be simpler, way less stressful and hopefully even add in some fun. 

Nearly everyone must go through a recruitment process at some point in their career, so why not enjoy it? Scoring a new job is a huge milestone in anybody’s life and you deserve to enjoy the process and put your best foot forward whether you’re seeking a job or you’re the hiring manager.


A one size fits all approach doesn’t work when it comes to people so why would it work for you? We are a dedicated resource that is committed to helping people get where they want to go – as a company or as an individual.



The Talent Mill is taking nearly 20 years of global experience in luxury retail, operations and fashion recruitment and bringing you a new experience in Career Coaching, LinkedIn & Interview training, Career Strategy, Group Training and personalised HR & Recruitment Services.


Based in Melbourne but operating across Australia and New Zealand, I provide career coaching and tailored strategies to jobseekers, and people & culture support including recruitment, HR and group training services to medium to small fashion and lifestyle companies.

Why The Talent Mill



The Talent Mill gets intensely passionate about each of our customers journey — nothing lights us up quite like helping people build their dream careers or dream team for success.


The relationships built with our clients are long-lasting and truly rewarding - it is a position of privilege to support you – we won’t forget that. 



​We aren’t afraid to share our deep knowledge of the retail and fashion recruitment & talent industry – we see it as a Win/Win.

Let’s connect SME with great talent and structure and great talent with amazing SME and their dream job.

No matter which one you are – we help you to think like a recruiter to get where you want to go.


External talent support should only add value – our promise is to deliver a result that is outside the box - one that you can trust and rely on. 


We encourage SME business owners & Hiring Managers to think laterally – utilising transferable skillset and experience available to them in their business.