Self-Guided Career Reboot

Self-Guided Career Reboot

Perfect if you: enjoy self-paced learning, are struggling to dedicate time to the job hunt whilst balancing personal relationships, an existing job and life! This is a self-guided downloadable workshop that gives you the tools to get where you want to go including a 16-page worksheet, that has insider information on what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for when they view your application. Through the Career Reboot you will:



  • Get a 16-page downloadable worksheet and a sample editable resume 
  • Work through a Sample resume breaking down each section and what information is crucial to include 
  • Answer those questions like – how long should my resume be? What should be on my LinkedIn profile, and what information needs to be on a cover letter?
  • Learn my tips to get a LinkedIn profile that gets you noticed and learn what information is needed for you to be found by recruiters
  • Craft a cover letter that increases the chances of you getting past automated software and in front of Talk through what happens post interview, how to ask for feedback, resigning from your role, and whether you should decline or accept a role 



This course is designed for you if: 

  • You're thinking about changing careers or industries and want some guidance
  • Your resume or LinkedIn profile needs a facelift, but you are confident you can articulate your branding well 
  • You want to understand the best way to apply for your dream job 
  • You want to future proof your career
  • You're short on time and self-paced learning suits your lifestyle


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