Top tips for maximising your LinkedIn profile!

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

The world of recruitment is ever evolving – so if its been a while since you have been on the job hunt, how can you make sure that you are relevant and utilising the latest tools to make sure you get in front of the right people?

Social Media is playing a huge part now in the recruitment process and yes you guessed it LinkedIn is right there alongside of your day to day social platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

So it stands that getting your LinkedIn profile up-to-date and optimised is one of the most important things you can do as part of your job search. LinkedIn is a critical tool in your job search with more than 500 million users globally! The power of LinkedIn is there for you to harness – so how easy are you to find on LinkedIn and do you understand LinkedIn’s capability?

I speak to multiple candidates every day who are so talented, have developed amazing experience in their field, and possess a unique skillset they can bring to the table! But nearly all are finding the recruitment process lacklustre and the typical process of applying for roles on job boards leaves them feeling overlooked and questioning their worth as an employee.

LinkedIn has long been a part of Hiring managers and recruiter’s daily life. They use it to identify potential candidates for a role either through a search on skills or job title. LinkedIn is a little like Instagram in the fact that if you posted an image with no hashtags – only your friends would see it. Think of LinkedIn the same way but instead of hashtags (which you can still use!) the way to be seen is by expanding your network and actively engaging with your network through posting of articles or by liking/commenting on what your network posts. Secondly without a complete profile you significantly reduce your chances of being found by your dream company.

Even if you are not actively searching for a new role, recruiters will often reach out to you when they think you are a good fit for the role they are recruiting. So, it pays to keep your LinkedIn profile up to date in case your ‘perfect role’ arises while you’re not actively looking.

You get out of LinkedIn what you put in – read on for my top tips on how to make yourself easier to find on LinkedIn!

1. Content is king!

Your profile should read the same as your resume, if you have a generic title (hello General Managers & Account Managers!) you should give some context around what you do and if you are client facing, what sort of clients you work for and what specific skillset/achievements you have acquired in that role.

Regardless of your title – the more information you add the better, this all contributes to building your brand and gives a Hiring Manager a strong idea of your background and suitability for a role.

2. How big is your network?

Connect and engage with your network. LinkedIn works on a different algorithm to other social platforms in that people outside of your network can see what you like and post. The more active you are – the more likely you are to be discovered.

Although this may go against the norm, I believe in connecting with relevant industry contacts regardless of whether you have met them. You never know what you may discover by being connected to respected industry insiders! If you do choose to connect with people you haven’t met, ensure you include a note with why you believe your connection is relevant and keep it professional!

3. Create a professional headline

Your headline (the text underneath your name) is the main piece of information people see when you appear in search results and the first thing recruiters see when they go to your LinkedIn profile, so make sure you have a keyword rich, descriptive and professional headline.

If you aren’t working, it’s worth including a subtitle along the lines of “now seeking new opportunities” so potential employers can see immediately that you are open for business and the line of work you’re pursuing.

For example, Strong Multi-site Manager | Now seeking new opportunities in the luxury space

4. Include a Profile and Cover photo

A photo is crucial – it puts a face to a name and brings you to life for whoever is contacting you. Whilst a professional headshot is a good idea if that’s not possible, using a clear shot of you without anyone else in the frame is a great idea, with a plain background and avoid sunglasses or poses you reserve for a group shot!

A cover photo isn’t essential – but it is a great way to add more personality to your personal branding so is something to consider!

5. Tell people what you want!

Try to avoid just recapping your experience in your profile and take the time to tell a recruiter or hiring manager what you want! When someone lands on your LinkedIn profile you want to ensure they can quickly and easily understand your skills and experience to figure out if you’re right for the role they’re recruiting for. Think of your summary as your 30-second elevator pitch. If your summary is all they read, what do you most want readers to know about you? What are your key skills and career achievements?

6. Complete ALL sections!

Take the time to fill in information on your education (even if you didn’t go to university – like me!)

Also the Skills section – is a keyword rich area that recruiters often search on! If you have worked with adobe creative suite – get it in there! Any skills that are specific to your role or area of specialism be sure to include as these are what sets you apart from your competitors! It also helps LinkedIn to tell you how suitable you are for a role!

7. Turn on the Open to new opportunities function

By letting recruiters know you are ready for new opportunities you might open new doors in your job search. To turn this feature on, you’ll need to click on the “Jobs” tab on your LinkedIn profile and then click on “Career interests”. You can then select the “On” button to let recruiters know you’re open. This is a green light to let people know to find you – without openly stating it on your profile!

8. Follow companies that interest you!

Keep up to date with new jobs, and news articles with companies you admire or would love to work for! Know that not all companies will advertise all roles on job boards so you want to get ahead of the curve by getting new information first!

Finally, make sure your contact details including your email address, phone number and address are current and accurate so that if someone does want to reach out to you, you are certain of being notified!

Follow these steps to be on your way to an ALLSTAR profile on LinkedIn. If you want to truly harness the power of LinkedIn then contact me now for a LinkedIn and resume review – I will show you all the insider tips and tricks for getting in front of the people that matter to you!


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