Spotting the wrong hires!

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Let’s talk wrong hires -hiring the wrong person can have a severe impact on your business - we are talking loss of time, productivity, team morale – not to mention the significant loss of money. (On average 3x the annual salary of the lost/wrong hire!!)

Below we chat through the signs that someone may not be engaged in your role or right for your business.

There are the typical signs you can find in resumes and cover letters that may be an indication of this, but there is so much conflicting information available around the ideal resume that I have learnt the resume really is no indication of the candidate – as a recruiter we can get a good feel for a candidate via the phone but even then it is largely presumptuous - you truly can’t tell anything until the interview.

Here are 6 ways to determine whether a potential hire could ultimately be a bad one:

They’re unprepared for the interview

All candidates should go into an interview with basic knowledge about the company and its mission, a succinct summary of their professional experience, and a strong case about why you should hire them. If you ask them to tell you why they’re interested in the position and they give you a blank stare or a generic response in return, they may not have taken the time to learn about the company.

They’re too focused on themselves

While the candidate will be required to talk about themselves in the interview, pay attention to their tone when doing so. For example, if they only talk about their specific contribution and they throw others under the bus when they address challenges, they may not be the team player that you’re looking for. If they aren’t asking you questions throughout the interview, this should also raise a red flag. They should be equally as curious about the company as you are in them!

They’re short on details

Though the candidate shouldn’t ramble on about their previous roles and responsibilities, they should at least be able to give you a few details about their capabilities and skill level. If they can’t coherently (and succinctly) explain how their experience makes them a fit for your team and the company as a whole, they may not have the confidence or ability to succeed in the role.

They’ve made little professional growth

Many candidates coming into job interviews might be looking for a new job because there aren’t enough opportunities to grow within their current company. While motivation and desire to grow are admirable qualities, it’s worth trying to figure out why a candidate might have hit a wall in their current role. In order to get an understanding of why the interviewee’s growth may have stagnated, consider asking them about how they have grown in their past role, as well as whether they’ve taken the initiative to learn new skills. Their answers to these questions can paint a more legitimate picture as to why they have stopped growing in their role.

Their social media profiles are concerning

It’s important to comb through a candidate’s social media profiles before concluding whether or not they will be a good hire. Though unprofessional photos and tweets may make you cringe, the most important thing to look out for is work complaints. Not only is it unprofessional, but it can damage your company’s reputation and lead to interpersonal conflicts among team members. If they don’t have an issue bashing a previous employer, there is no guarantee that they won’t do the same to you.

They don’t take responsibility for mistakes

During the interview, you’ll want to ask how they handled a difficult situation at work and how they resolved it. When a candidate responds, you’ll want to have an ear out for how much responsibility they take for the incident. If it’s clear that the candidate has issues taking ownership of their work, ask yourself whether or not they’re the person you’re looking for.

Setting up your recruitment process for success and training and developing your Hiring Managers to make sure they lose the subjective hiring is super important in helping you find and retain talent!

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