Skype Interviews

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

More and more international brands are entering the Australian market and with this comes the need for technology when interviewing.

Whilst face-to-face interviews are still the most common method of interviewing people, Skype interviews (and ones held on other platforms such as Google’s Hangouts and Facebook Messenger) are becoming more and more common. Whilst the content of such an interview will be the same and much of the preparation you should do will be similar, there are some particular things to look out for and prepare for when you have a Skype interview coming up. We take a look at these things and offer our advice.

Skype Meeting


Know where you are going to position yourself for your Skype interview. Remember that you need to be aware of what is on view behind you. So that means avoid doing it anywhere that may look a bit messy. It’s best to have a plain wall behind you so that the interviewer can concentrate on you and you alone. Otherwise, their attention may be taken away looking at what’s going on behind you.

Dress For Success

Whilst it is true that you will only normally be seen from the waist up on a Skype interview, that may not always be the case. Some people may be tempted to simply dress the upper half of their body whilst remaining in the pyjamas in their lower half but this can be a big mistake! Not only could you need to suddenly answer the door revealing your strange mixed-up attire, the fact is that dressing smartly and appropriately for an interview puts you in the correct frame of mind and can help you perform better too.


It may seem obvious but ensure that you have Skype downloaded and ensure that your laptop’s camera is working too. Leaving this to the last minute could scupper your interview and your chances of landing the job. If you are not a regular Skype user, ensure you know how to use it, you don’t want to be fumbling about on camera in front of your interviewer. You may also wish to consider too using headphones and a microphone as these prevent feedback and provide better sound.


A great idea is to practice your Skype interview with a friend before the interview. It’s not really question of going through questions, just ensuring that you look clear on camera, you know where to look and that the background (as discussed above) isn’t too distracting. If you are not a regular Skype user, it can also ensure that you feel a bit more at home with the technology involved. Your friend can also look at your body language too, as you may find yourself hunching over too much or letting your eyes drift way. As in any interview, non-verbal communication is very important so it is important that you are aware of it.

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