Law Squared Event

The Talent Mill was lucky enough to be invited along for the Law Squared event recently for a talk on Innovation in Fashion & Retail - how technology has changed the way we buy.

We heard from key brands in the fashion industry who represent both or either side of the coin – Michael Elias from MANRAGS/MS SOUS, Johnny Wallace from Assembly Label and Simon Rawadi from Slyletica, and moderated by Saskia Fairfull of the Independent Fashion Advisory.

With more customers turning to online shopping and the strong growth trajectory the sector is experiencing (18.7% increase vs 2.5% increase in Bricks and Mortar retail.) are Bricks and Mortar becoming obsolete or more relevant than ever?

The talk discussed considerations including the way in which dollars were spent and what technology enabled the transaction to occur. How many customers begin their journey researching online only to then purchase in store? And conversely how many customers headed in store to try on before purchasing online.

With technology allowing online sales to be fulfilled by stores, click and collect purchases and same day delivery – there is no doubt that the future is bright for both online stores and bricks and mortar.