Interpreting Dress Codes

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

When working in fashion or lifestyle brands – how should you go about interpreting the dress code for interviews? With small business growth on the rise – do you dress formally to impress or dress on brand and in line with your personal style?

Like it or not, how you present yourself at interview has an impact on how you are perceived. But with professional attire increasingly a subjective theory – how can you ensure the impression you are leaving is the right one.

Attending an interview in the “wrong” attire, can have a major effect on a candidate – potentially preoccupying them with a feeling of getting it wrong before the interview has even started!

Read on for our tips on how to nail the dress code for your interview.

Work Items

Research, research, research!! What can you find out about the company from their website, social platforms, news articles and product? This will normally give you a huge indication of the level of dress code expected at interview. For example a luxury brand places a high level of importance on personal presentation and you should dress accordingly. Visit these stores and you will typically get an idea of the uniform guide. A smaller creative brand however, may feel it is important to dress “on brand” which may well be informal – showing up in your suit may give the impression you don’t understand their brand. Consider the role you are applying for – a customer facing role (B2B or B2C) will be more inclined to have a more professional dress code than a role that has no face to face interaction with customers.

Give attention to the smaller details! Showing care with grooming standards sometimes says a lot more about someone’s desire to work with you than what they are wearing! It shows their standards and care factor – hair styled, nails groomed (not necessarily painted!) Do you present as professional regardless of whether you are wearing a suit?

Check with your recruiter – if in doubt – ask! This shows a level of proactivity and a desire to get it right. If you are working with an agency recruiter, they should have visited the company and know about their culture and dress code.

Bring the essentials with you! Choose an outfit that can instantly be dressed up with a blazer – carry this with you to add on if required.

Read on for more tips of how to nail that interview or contact for more details!