Are you an Employer of Choice?

With the fashion and luxury industry growing (at 5.7% growth expected this year alone!) the war for talent has never been hotter.

You want the best of the best naturally – so how can you differentiate yourself from your competitors?

Door Way

DEFINE YOUR BENEFITS We talk about drivers at The Talent Mill – what a candidate might seek from their next move, being open about these and to these is essential.

Be aware that your competitors will be aware of the salary market and will be at least matching you. For some small businesses competing on salary is not an option – and that is ok! What else can be improved or flexible to attract talent? Maybe your benefits package can be improved, a focus on work/life balance, your work environment, flexible working conditions, career progression are all drivers for candidates.

BE GENUINE. What is your culture like? What is the workload like? What are the non-negotiables for you right now? Ensure that applicants are made aware of the expectations of the role and the challenges that they will face. No role is always roses and candidates will appreciate honest and clear communication throughout the process.

WHO IS THE RIGHT CANDIDATE? Throughout my time in recruitment, both internal and external, I have seen only a few companies truly know what a successful candidate looks like for their business. What attributes do they show? Do they work better in a team with strong direction, or autonomously? Not every candidate is going to be a cookie cutter, but you will spot trends in what candidate works best for your business. Once you know – its time to make sure that your Hiring Managers know and use this as a blueprint every time they recruit.

CULTURE. How will you show your business culture and values? It is crucial that your hiring managers get this message across, they need to show passion and enthusiasm about the company and the opportunity on offer. Maybe introduce candidates to team members, show them the work environment, the place where they will work – this will paint a picture of them working in that environment.

HAVE A FLUID HIRING PROCESS. As the market hots up, the best candidates are placed very fast. You need to match that pace. It will send a positive message to the candidate. Can you reduce the number of meetings thus speeding up the process? Communicate the timeline to candidates to increase their engagement.

Is your company ready for a recruitment strategy that surpasses the rest? It could be time for us to talk. The Talent Mill offers tailored, comprehensive recruitment workshops that teach your Hiring Managers how to attract, recruit AND retain the best talent quicker than your competitors. Contact for a chat about how we can support you.