Looking for support with people and culture?


You want to hire only the best and brightest for your fashion or lifestyle brand. 

That means people who not only have the right skills and experience, but are going to fit effortlessly into your company culture. However, the recruitment industry is highly competitive and candidate-driven, making accessing the right talent increasingly difficult.


In order to stand out from the competition, you need to be able to engage talent faster, get their attention and identify the drivers that will make them consider a move.


Drawing upon my intuitive understanding of culture fit and candidate decision-making, my services help internal recruiters and hiring managers do just this and quickly match the right talent to the right brand.





Are you looking for a market leader in fashion and lifestyle recruitment services?


At the Talent Mill, we pride ourselves on developing strong and long-lasting relationships where we truly understand and meet your recruitment needs as an individual or company. We partner with clients and candidates alike to guide and support them through the recruitment journey, from the initial outreach to the interview and onboarding process.


Fiercely passionate about our work, we have a comprehensive understanding of the  industry and a strong desire to share that knowledge with you! We are all about quality hires over quantity and know that your time is precious. 

With an international recruitment career across the UK, NZ and Australia, my network consists of local and international talent in retail, design, production, merchandising, supply chain, wholesale, finance, IT, marketing, ECommerce, digital, HR and operations.  

We can support you with: 

  • Permanent Recruitment 

  • Contract Recruitment 

  • International Appointments 

  • Executive Search 


We support you through the entirety of the recruitment process and beyond – ensuring that you have the right person in your business. 

Recruitment Training & HR Support 


Is your business ready for a recruitment strategy that surpasses the rest?


We get it – engaging an agency for every role can be expensive, and in a market where people have their pick of roles, how do you stand out? The Talent Mill offers tailored recruitment training workshops to teach comprehensive, multifaceted sourcing strategies for engaging and retaining talent. We can help you create the blueprint for success within your organisation and identify where you can find those people.


The Talent Mill has successfully recruited, trained and developed hiring managers and recruiters into the industry, from many different fields and experience levels.  We help your hiring manager gain razor-sharp clarity on exactly what a successful candidate looks like in your business, how to get them and how to retain them.



Ready to find the perfect candidate?