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        SELF-GUIDED CAREER REBOOT           $55

Are you feeling uninspired at work and looking for your next career move? 


Are you a recent graduate struggling to get your foot in the door in a role that you’ll love?


Do you have your dream career in mind but are unsure of how to get there?


My 8-week Career Coaching Program has been strategically designed to help you bridge the gap between where you are now and that dream position you would love to be in! 


If you’re looking to finally be in the role of your dreams, working for a company that you love and feel excited about heading into work every day, you’re in the right place.

Over my time as a Career Coach and Recruiter, I’ve seen time and time again professionals using seek as a primary tool, or recruitment agencies. While I believe that both of these resources have a place, they by no means should be the only source when you start job searching. All of the control is left to others, leaving you disempowered when it comes to the future of your career!


When looking for the next step in your career, you first need to think about the kind of role you would like and what the most strategic way to get there is.

My goal is to support you to make informed decisions about your career development – and provide you with the tools you need to get in front of the person that is offering your perfect job.

I offer personalised career strategies and coaching that gives you the skills, support and know-how to take control of your career and find your dream role. A lot of the methods I use are around sourcing jobs outside of your typical avenues (agencies and job boards). I teach my clients how recruitment software and algorithms work and how recruiters search for you, so that you can make yourself as visible as possible.

Private Career Coaching is perfect for you if: 

You’re feeling trapped in your current role and are wanting to reboot your career

You’re not confident on where to start when it comes to finding your dream job

You feel like you’re constantly applying for jobs but hearing crickets

You feel like you’re not qualified enough for the roles that you’re interested in

You want to harness the power of LinkedIn effectively for job searching and personal branding

You’re wanting to master your interview skills & learn how to job search like a pro

You want to know EXACTLY how you come across to recruiters & if you’re putting your best foot forward

You’re looking to get your foot in the door in a particular industry or role

You’re looking for guidance around how to get a role that is aligned to your personality, experience and desires


It doesn’t matter where you are in your career - when an immediate path isn’t clear, you can feel trapped, lose confidence in your ability and don’t know how to market all of the amazing skills you have amassed to allow you to head in the right direction.

Here’s what’s included:

6 x 60 minute 1:1 private coaching sessions over the course of 8 weeks through ZOOM video conferencing platform including working out your next move, what your unique talents are, LinkedIn strategy sessions and interview training


Tailored activities to work on between sessions to help you uncover all those hidden talents that self-doubt made you think you don’t have!


A custom-built resume and cover letter written by me – a recruitment, interview and LinkedIn expert who has offered jobs to over thousands of people


A LinkedIn profile review and overhaul – I will tell you why you aren’t visible to recruiters


A complimentary DiSC assessment and debrief which aligns you to career choices, insights into how you might perform in a professional environment along with insights into your strengths and weaknesses


Time-saving tools like done-for-you email templates 


Unlimited access to me via email/voice notes the entire time we’re working together 


All of our sessions recorded for you to keep, so you have lifetime access to them anytime you need!

Private Career Coaching
$1997 inc GST

Are you a graduate level talent seeking your first role?
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Here’s what my clients are saying…

“Ange has been absolutely incredible across the entire career search process. I would highly recommend Ange to anyone looking to expand their business. Her enthusiasm, passion and commitment is truly a welcoming start to the journey of finding employment! Thank you Ange!"

Sharon, Melbourne 


“Ange is an amazing professional and experienced career coach, I was in search of advice on how to pivot my professional career, she not only provided guidance and advice but lifted my spirits with her positivism and warm personality, I obtained the clarity (career wise) that I have been searching for since moving to Australia. Her rapport is instant, she listens, supports and it makes you feel guided and confident of your own skills and capabilities. I definitely recommend Ange as a mentor and career coach, you will get what you are searching for and way more. Thank you so much Ange.”

Tania, Melbourne 


“I worked with Angela on updating my CV and LinkedIn profile and found her to be a committed career development partner who took the time to understand my working background, influences and preferences. She is a thoughtful collaborator and also a great communicator who is warm, personable and friendly- I felt we were in sync and on the same page throughout the whole process. Angela is also a generous coach who provided me with valuable feedback, guidance and support. Working with Angela was a dream from start to finish! I highly recommend her services and look forward to engaging with her again.”

Catherine, Sydney 

“Angela is an inspiration with her clear lines of communication and ability to make anyone feel at ease from the minute you begin conversing with her. She is emotionally engaged but remains fair and reasonable with every interaction. I had the pleasure of being coached by Angela and it was a seamless process from start to finish. Apart from her brilliant follow up, her skill base is far reaching as she brought fantastic systems and tools to the business at large. I highly recommend her, not only for her professionalism but for her judgement in any situation."

Sacha, Melbourne


“Angela is a fantastic career coach! She was very caring, and I could tell she had my best interests at hand! She was helpful, honest and approachable throughout the whole process. She also gave me great advice in preparation for interviews which made me feel so confident. I got the job!”

Ailen, Melbourne

“I cannot recommend Ange from the Talent Mill highly enough. She is incredibly knowledgeable, whether for CV review or a more full service career consultancy. She helped me to find my feet and my confidence, and has her finger on the pulse of the job market. I would have struggled to make my career change and to find my new senior level role without her. She anticipates your needs and tailors her service to them.”

​Abby, Melbourne


“Angela is a true asset in your career search. She assisted me to progress into my current role. Thank you very much Angela you’re a star! I would highly recommend Angela to anybody looking for a move!” 

Dylan, London 


“Angela has extensive knowledge and offers great advice when it comes to professional growth within retail. She is genuine and went above and beyond to help me.”

Megan, Adelaide

Frequently Asked Questions

But Ange, why do I need a Career Coach? Can’t I do it myself?


Hey ladies, I know what it feels like being on the job search – even the most confident of us feel like we are in the dark! We put so much pressure on ourselves to figure it all out by X time or X age. I’ve spent the better part of a 20 years (eek) dedicated to becoming an expert in this field, connecting all 3 parties (the job seekers, the hiring managers and the recruiters) and will give you access to my expertise across our time spent together leaving you with no doubt how to put it into action now and whenever you need to in the future. 


Plus, it takes a tribe to achieve success, and objective perspective can only ever be a great thing! No-one achieves great things all alone.

Do you do payment plans?


Sure do! I completely understand the investment that is involved, and this can be paid via a plan over 8 weeks to make it super viable for you! Because after all an investment in you – is priceless.

Do I have to be working or want to be working in the fashion & retail industry to work with you?


No way – look, I make no bones about the fact that I am a HUGE advocate for the fashion and retail space – its my jam, my expertise but within the fashion and retail space, I have worked with people from finance, construction, digital, fashion, retail, analysts, property – the works! The methodology I teach is applied regardless of industry – its about creating a strategy that works for you and finding a coach that gets you and your goals.

Do you guarantee that I’ll get a job?


I would love to – but there is a lot of things outside of my control that prevents me from doing that! What I can promise is that with your commitment to doing the work – we will transform the way you look at job searching and have you best positioned to get that job of your dreams. I am here post our time also, supporting you all the way to getting where you want to be. 

Do you do refunds?


The relationship between coach and client has to feel aligned – in the rare event that we aren’t progressing in the way you had hoped – I will refund you for outstanding sessions.

Does it matter where I'm located?


Nope! If 2020 has taught us anything its that virtual is A-OK! Time-zones permitting we can schedule in times that work for you and all session are recorded for you to watch back later!