Are you ready to take the next step in your fashion or premium retail career?


Maybe you’re looking to transition from high street fashion into luxury retail, or have just moved to a new city where you don’t have an existing network of contacts.


Or perhaps you’ve been told that the fashion industry has a glass ceiling and are wondering if you can really have a career in retail.


Or maybe, you just need a change and don’t know where to start! I get it, because I’ve been all of those people.


That’s why nothing makes me happier than helping talented job-seekers get from point A to B and open the door to their dream career.

Whether you’re looking for your next job or a complete career change, I offer personalised career coaching that gives you the skills, support and know-how to take control of your career and find your dream role.

Lets work together to work out how you can get in front of the people you need to - to get your dream job.

In a one to one workshop we:

  • Review and format your Resume to make sure the most relevant information is what is seen 

  • Review and update your LinkedIn profile to get you seen by recruiters and Hiring Managers 

  • Highlight the tips and tricks you can use to get the interviews you want


We also take you through a comprehensive interview to identify areas of development and strengths to build your confidence in your job search. 

Ready to find your dream job?