Whether you’re looking for your next job or a complete career change, I offer personalised career strategies and coaching that gives you the skills, support and know-how to take control of your career and find your dream role.


Let’s work together to work out how you can get in front of the people you need to - to get your perfect job.


If your strategy for applying for a new job has been applying for a load of jobs on job boards and getting no call back – it’s time to think again. It’s time to invest in yourself and get strategic about how you are going to get in front of the people that decide just who gets that dream job of yours! 


Our goal with career coaching is to support you to make informed decisions about your career development – and provide you with the tools you need to get in front of the person that is offering your perfect job. 

We help you to – 

  • Overcome obstacles and reboot your career 

  • Discover what your next steps are to get a role that is aligned to your personality, experience and desires

  • Harness the power of LinkedIn effectively for job search and personal branding

  • Master your interview skills & learn how to job search like a pro

  • Know EXACTLY how you come across to recruiters


It doesn’t matter where you are in your career -  when an immediate path isn’t clear, you can feel trapped, lose confidence in your ability and don’t know how to market all of the amazing skills you have amassed to allow you to head in the right direction. 

My name is Ange – the Founder of The Talent Mill.


I am a retailer at heart and progressed from retail into recruitment several years ago, and just over a year ago set up the Talent Mill. My career took me all over the world and the Career Reboot is insider information that is tried and tested with thousands of people just like you and me.


I will teach you insider knowledge of how to get in front of the Hiring Managers for the roles you want. The roles that aren’t even on the market yet.  A tangible strategy and crystal-clear clarity for getting the job of your dreams. 

Are you - 

  • Not hearing back from all the jobs, you have applied for

  • Not understanding where you are going wrong with your job application 

  • Feeling like you have been pipped to the post when it comes to hot jobs on the market 

  • Missing out on opportunities for progression 

  • Being rejected from roles without any substantial feedback on what you could do better 

  • Reading job ads and feeling like you are not qualified 

  • Hearing about the power of LinkedIn but not really understanding how to use it


If this sounds like you then career coaching is for you.  We smash through all those doubts about your professional success by helping you to arm yourself with multiple tools that are going to help you get on the path to that dream job. 


        SELF-GUIDED CAREER REBOOT           $55






$165 PP 








 Our coaching strategies are designed to motivate, inspire and empower you with the tools to elevate your career and present the best version of yourself. We fit around your schedule and most sessions are held via phone or zoom.


We can’t wait to meet you! 

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