Hi there, I’m Ange.  

I’m a fashion and retail talent and career strategy specialist with nearly 20 years' experience working in retail operations and internal and executive agency recruitment specifically to luxury and premium fashion and lifestyle brands. 

Hailing originally from New Zealand, I’m a proud kiwi whose career has taken me all over the globe. My passion lies in working with people, and I believe that people are the secret sauce to making a business successful.

I love getting under the hood of the car so to speak, and pinpointing where we might be going wrong with building that perfect team or helping you move from Job A to Job B with a strategy that works. I love coaching job seekers who need a career strategy or career coach, assisting them to identify the uniqueness in their own talents, and understand the tools that are going to connect them with their dream job; or helping SME business owners find the right talent and structure for their company.

The reason I love this so much is that I have been in both seats before! Wanting to create a highly engaged team as a leader but unsure where I was going wrong and also wanting to get my dream job but really crippled at times by self-doubt and indecision. 

I started my retail career as a store manager for a high street brand in New Zealand, working my way up to head office where I managed all 24 national stores. In my mid-twenties, the urge to travel hit. So, after a stint working at Chanel in Dublin, I relocated to London where I definitely felt like a small fish in a much bigger pond! After some less-than-great experiences trying to get a role through agency recruiters (you know the drill, talk of paycuts, not being qualified for a role, or they just didn’t know the brands I had worked for!), I gained a role with a leading luxury recruitment agency. I wanted to take my experiences as a candidate of agency recruitment and transform them into providing positive ones for you. It was here that my determination to helps others open the door to their perfect career was born.

After 5 years in London, I relocated to Australia to work in internal HR & recruitment teams, and in 2018 The Talent Mill was born combining all of that internal and external experience and insight that has been developed over the last 15 years.

I support fashion and retail SME businesses on project-based work through talent and culture - with leadership and team development, recruitment structure and training, HR framework, succession planning and everything in between, my beautiful clients treat me like part of the team and I operate as such! 

And I support talented individuals through unlocking their potential and building their confidence with tackling a recruitment process – I can support you with interview training, resume writing, LinkedIn training and group training to develop skills that are increasingly desired by businesses today. And yes I can teach you how to navigate automation and software that could be standing in your way. 

When I’m not connecting talent with their dream jobs, you can find me at the gym, attempting to grow my herb garden, baking bread or off on an adventure travelling or sharing a gin with some friends in Melbourne or New Zealand. 

I can't wait to work with you!